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Followers of La Lucha have known for a long time that this is a ‘trio with a difference.’ The first-call rhythm section in the Tampa Bay scene is at home in any jazz context, with the telepathic interplay you expect from a band together for years. But the places they reach for inspiration, the intriguing choices in finding and writing material, and the combination of these three spirited personalities have endeared La Lucha to listeners and to an ever-widening circle of collaborators. And they just keep getting better.

John, Alejandro, and Mark – raised in Mexico, Colombia, and Florida, respectively – met up in a practice room at the University of South Florida, in Tampa, in 2006. The three were soon best friends, and the musical experiences from their younger years, collectively from punk to heavy metal, salsa to classical, were all grist for the mill as they delved into learning and creating jazz. Their energies and cultural backgrounds melded, and La Lucha became known for a sound with lots of Latin rhythms, combining jazz and American Songbook standards with their self-described ‘twisted arrangements’ of 80s and 90s pop tunes, and originals by each of the guys.

Record Release – June 12th
“Everybody Wants to Rule The World”

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