The “Sonny” award was created in 2011 to honor Sonny LaRosa for his tireless efforts to keep jazz alive through musical training and performance. For three decades, Sonny LaRosa’s “World’s Youngest Jazz Band” has inspired and entertained both young and old, on both local and international stages.

Many of the students who have come through his program have continued their training through college and have become respected artists in their own right. They continue his legacy by training the next generation of jazz musicians.

Past Honorees

2011 Sonny LaRosa
2012 Dwayne White
2013 Frank Williams
2014 John Lamb
2015 Suncoast Dixieland Jazz Society
2016 Chris DeLeon, Tarpon Springs High School Music Director
2017 (no award)
2018 Dave “Wally” Tatrow

Sonny Larosa

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